1892 Club

The 1892 Club consists of private members’ golf clubs, all founded in the year 1892 that have agreed to be part of a friendly association, each offering reciprocal courtesy visits to each other’s club members. To take advantage of these courtesies the following procedure will need to be followed.

Members will need to make their own arrangements with the Club they wish to visit by letter or phone, giving as much notice as possible.

Do not turn up uninvited and expect to be able to play
Check with the host Club their dress rules
For visits to take place Clubs should be separated by 75 miles.
These courtesies do not extend to anyone whose Club is not a member of the 1892 Club.
Remember that when visiting other Clubs you are an ambassador of your Golf Club and when others visit us please extend every courtesy to them as our guests.
Moderation in numbers at any one visit should be observed (a car load and not a coach load) as should be your number of visits to any particular Club.

Club Phone
Alfreton, Derbyshire 01773 832070
Ballater, Aberdeenshire 01339 755567
Bathgate, Nr. Edinburgh 01506 630505
Clacton, Essex 01255 421919
Dunkeld & Birnam, Perthshire 01350 727524
Fairfield, Lancashire 0161 301 4528
Heaton Moor, Lancashire 0161 432 2134
Hillingdon, Middlesex 01895 239810
Huntly, Aberdeenshire 01466 792643
Kings Norton, Warwickshire 01564 826789