Our standards of dress

Please dont feel embarrassed if you are challenged about your appearance. It is our culture to protect our standards.

At all times, whether on the Course or in the Clubhouse, Members,
their Guests and other Visitors should dress smartly.

These dress rules are for the guidance of Members and Visitors and are intended to be open, understandable and workable and to be consistent with standards of dress considered acceptable at modern-day Golf Clubs, whilst still maintaining a high standard appropriate to a traditional private Members Club.

The rules are not intended to be fully prescriptive, and are in some cases open to interpretation, but Members are expected to take personal responsibility for observing standards of dress that reflect well on themselves and the Club.

Visitors, visiting Societies, visiting Teams and those participating in Open Competitions are required to comply with these dress rules. It is up to Members to ensure that their individual guests are advised accordingly.

On the Golf Course *
Acceptable Dress
• Recognised golf clothing; as determined by convention including a collared shirt, must be worn at all
• Golf shoes with socks must be worn and soft spikes are preferred.
• Trousers, shorts or skirts must be tailored and, unless designed to be worn outside the waistband, shirts should be tucked in.

Unacceptable Dress
Items that are not considered recognised golf clothing include:
• all denim,
• Trousers, Shorts - those of cargo or combat style,
• Beach or athletic wear,
• casual sports clothing
• hats/caps worn askew.

Note that the golf course includes the putting green and warm up area adjacent to the 1st tee.

In the Clubhouse *
‘Smart casual’ is considered to be dress that is respectful to the circumstances. It does not define the type of clothing but does require minimum standards of presentation.
• ‘Smart ‘denim (i.e. not ripped, cut-off, frayed, distressed, soiled or dirty) for instance, will be considered acceptable in the Clubhouse
• Smart shirts designed to be worn outside trousers, shorts or skirts and
• modern casual shoes including smart trainers are permitted
We would consider that unacceptable dress in The Clubhouse includes;
• headwear (including hats and caps, but excluding headwear worn for religious reasons)
• flip-flops,
• cargo/hiking and beach style shorts, and
• obtrusive sports shirts (football, rugby, cricket etc).
These are overly casual and disrespectful within the context of the golf club.
• Golf shoes of any kind may not be worn in the bar, lounge or dining room and we also ask that you change out of any waterproofs, soiled or wet clothing before entering.

In addition to our dress code for the Clubhouse, please do not bring in kit bags of any type - please use the locker rooms or return them to your vehicle, feel free to use a mobile phone, tablet or laptop, but keep it on silent, and respect those around you.

If you have any doubt as to whether or not your standard of dress is compliant and to avoid further embarrassment, please ask a Member of our team.